Rory- Revenue Protection Inspector

Rory lives at home with his daughter Sasha and his cat Kurk.

Rory’s grandfather worked in the railway industry for 40 years as a permanent way engineer.

Sasha works in the entertainment industry as a costume designer.

Rory has been a revenue protection inspector at Flagship Rail for 5 years.

When he comes home from work, Rory and his daughter sit down and talk about their day.

usually the talks are about what they have done during the day and about anything exciting.

Today’s talk was filled with good news as Sasha received a promotion to senior customer designer. Rory was very proud of her and this news made him even more eager to share his exciting news.

Rory talks about the new software that he used called RevenueShield and how using tis system has made storing addresses less tie consuming and much easier than before when he had to use multiple devices to do the same.

Sasha was intrigued about the software and happy that her father’s job has been made less stressful.

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