Martyn- Ticket Office Clerk

Martyn is a ticket office clerk and has been for 7 years.

Martyn has a wife called Allison that works in the train industry but for a different company.

Martyn really enjoys his job and despite having a hearing impairment, he still show his team that he can work just as efficiently as them.

His manager has given him the task to test the new T.I.M software that the company has recently installed.

After a long day he and his wife are home. In the evening before bed Martyn tells his wife that he got to test a new piece of software called T.I.M and he liked how easy it was to record information about the tickets  sold as this made it easier to create reports that he can send to his manager.

Allison was interested about the cost of this new software. Martyn reassured her that his manager said the software is free for 3 months and if they didn’t like the software then they did not have to buy .

Hearing this from Martyn pleasantly surprised her. Here is a company that has such a positive policy and Allison decides to do her own research, to see if there is a product that help her.

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