Staff – Hamed Administration

A brief bio of Hamed

Hamed is married with two children  he is a joker and likes to play tricks on his friends.  Sally his boss she said that you always get laughing when he is around even when things get a bit stressed  he manages to put smiles on peoples face. Hamed  is in his 40s he started working for British rail  after leaving college.

He has been working for FlagShip Rail for about twenty years and he doesn’t like change.

Hamed has worked his way from being a member of the platform staff to becoming a ticket office Clarke then into the HQ admin office and works with Sally as admin Clarke for revenue protection.

Hamed is an Administrator  and he works  in the Revenue Protection department.

He was at a staff meeting when he found out about a new system called RevenueShield.

Hamed was very nervous about it.

At first he thought that the system didn’t do the things the old system did. He spoke to Sally his boss, soon after a nice man from IQM was asked to come and show Hamed how RevenueShield back office system works.

Once Hamed had been shown more details about the system he settled into using it .

A few weeks had passed and Sally asked him how he was getting on with RevenueShield.

Hamed said he liked it very much as things are much easier using the system compared to the old system. He said he was pleased he no longer had to try working out what people had written as there are very few  hand written notes anymore.

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