Staff – Eric the Engineer

A brief bio of Eric

Eric is a Railway Engineer.  He is working in a depot repairing trains. Eric’s father, mother, and sister all work for the same company but in different areas of the business.  Eric is a junior engineer as he only finished his collage course a year ago.  Eric’s Boss is an old hand at engineering he first started working with trains back in the BR days.  Eric says what his boss doesn’t know about the trains you could put on a postage stamp.

Eric has learned a lot from his boss in the past year.

Eric found himself one day working on his own in the depot.  There were other staff but no other engineers as they were out at a meeting. Eric got a call about a train that had failed at a major junction.  Eric had just been shown how to use Future rails new TEAM computer program.  So as the Driver of the train explained to Eric what had happened.  Eric opened TEAM and started a fault.

Eric noticed the clock in the corner of the screen had started to record the time spent on the fault. Eric talked the driver through the situation asking the driver for information and giving the driver details of what actions he could take to fix the fault.  When the first action didn’t fix the fault Eric gave the driver another action to try.

This didn’t fix the fault Eric was now very aware of the time.  He had gone over the ten minutes that Future Rail set for fixing train faults on running lines.  So Eric and the driver decided that the best thing would be to get another train to assist the failed train and get it into the depot.  Eric was able to give the Driver information about what Rules and regulations needed to be followed and using the assistance matrix tell the driver what needs to be done when one class of train assists another class .

A  short time later the failed train arrived at the Depot having been pushed by another train. Eric was just about to start looking at his next option to fix the train when his boss arrived.

His boss asked what had happened and Eric explained about the failed train and that he used TEAM.

His boss was very pleased as the fault was being dealt with in the correct way and the train was removed from the running line with the minimum of delays to other services.  Eric’s boss sat down and looked at the reports and said “well done Eric”, you have managed to get this train out of the way in a much faster time than it used to be before we had TEAM.

Eric said he was nervous but it was like having his boss beside him telling him what to do.  Eric said without having TEAM he would not have known what to do so Eric and his boss are both thankful that they have TEAM to help them.

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