Staff – Dave the Inspector

A brief bio of Dave

Dave lives at home with his wife Wendy and his dog called Tilly.  Dave and Wendy have been married for twenty years.

They got married just before Dave started working as a Ticket inspector on the railway.

They have two teenage children one Eric has started working on the railway as a junior engineer in the depot. the second is Sally their daughter.

She also works as a manager in the Revenue Protection and Prosecutions Department.

Wendy also works on the railway as a part time customer services agent in HQ she deals with complaints and group bookings.

This is a railway family.

With all of the family working for the railway there are the inevitable chats about the job.

At the dinner table Dave tells them about the new guy that he has to train as an inspector and how much easier it is now for him with the new  RevenueShield system they are using.

Eric said the company are taking on a new computer system for the engineers too it’s called TEAM.  I have started my training on how to best make use of it.

Old guys say that they used to have faults and failure books and write pages of reports.  Now they just start a fault on TEAM and it keeps track of the time for them and they can work through the fault and try to resolve it.  If the most obvious first fix doesn’t work they move logically to the next possible solution until they fix it.  They can do so much more than the way the guys say they used to work.

Sally then started telling them about the back office part of RevenueShield and how it has helped her administration and prosecution staff .

Mum said well with all these systems you are using I feel left out and it must be costing a fortune.

Sally said, “Mum the productivity improvements and the fact that the staff are not under so much pressure has saved so much money in the long term”.   Sally said,  you should ask your boss if there is something that will help you do your Job IQM software are open to ideas.  I worked with them to make sure that the system did exactly what I needed.   But these people are really easy to work with and have a very good understanding of how we all have to work.

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