Alyssa- Rail Administrator

Alyssa lives at home with her boyfriend Rick and their son Bobby.

Alyssa works in the train industry as a rail administrator, Rick works in the creative media industry as a film director and Bobby works in the bank industry as a finance assistant.

This family each have their skill set and career paths allowing for them to provide support in and outside of the business environment.

For example Rick has been developing animations and videos about the different products and services available at Alyssa’s company which she intends to show her manager to see if they could use them for promotion.

Over the last two weeks Alyssa has been having a much better time at work than she has had in a long while as she has been using the Calipso software that was recently purchased.

Calipso has made it easier for her to send important documents to her manager and team members.

After a long day at work, Alyssa’s family sit down talk about their day. Rick said that he has 4 projects that are close to completion; Bobby is excited as he has been told he could be promoted soon for all the hard work he produced in the last 3 years, Alyssa talks about being less stressed due to Calipso.

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