William- Engineer Manager

William worked as a train maintenance engineer for 13 years and was promoted to engineer manager 3 years ago.

William lives at home with his two dogs Sunny and Laddie, both are pugs.

Today is very important for William; he has a meeting with the director about whether they should keep T.E.A.M as their 3 month trial is almost over.

Considering how much William has benefited from using T.E.A.M such as being able to train new employees with the fault finding feature and giving himself far more time to work on his own workload without staying with the new employees.

The meeting with the director lasts only 10 minutes as he presents data and evidence on how using T.E.A.M. has really benefitted the company. Seeing the results and realising that T.E.A.M will help them in the long term, the director agrees to license the product.

William is proud of himself for being able to persuade the director as that has never happened before. Tonight he will get an early night because tomorrow he will be meeting a representative from IQM Software to finalise the licensing of T.E.A.M.

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