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We are FlagShip Rail

Where these lovely people drive the business forward whilst making the very most of technology within their Departments.

All staff have a personal history but not all of these histories are available directly.  Sometimes, we need to keep some information under wraps to the benefit of individuals.






Revenue Protection Key Personnel

Dave is a Revenue Protection Inspector on flagship rail.

Dave’s wife is Wendy and she is a customer service agent at flagship rail HQ.

Dave’s daughter is Sally the RPI Manager for Flagship rail.

His son is Eric the engineer at flagship rail depot

Dave works three shifts, sometimes this includes weekends. Most of Dave’s work is on the gates or trains.

From time to time Dave works in the Revenue Protection office. 

He is part of the Revenue Protection team they are always on the move, thinking and trying to outsmart those regular fare evaders.

Dave thinks it is unfair that most people pay for the train journey, but others think they should not pay.






Rory Revenue Protection Inspector at Flagship rail 

Rory is very friendly British /African guy. He was born in England, his parents arrived in the UK in the 1960s.

Rory's Dad works as a Bus driver. 

Rory’s mother is a house wife. Rory is a modern young man and finds it difficult to understand that his mother is proud to be a housewife.

However, Rory is pleased that his mother is an excellent cook and there is always a good meal ready when he gets home.

Rory is quick thinking, and always stops fare evaders from cheating the system.

Rory was brought up in a very honest family and he finds it hard to understand why people want to cheat the system.

He could understand if people don’t have much money, but he has found that many people he challenges for fare evasion have money but just don’t want to pay the fare.





Martyn is a ticket office clerk at Up Town by Seaand has been for 27 years.

Martyn has a wife called Allison that works in the train industry but for a different company.

Martyn really enjoys his job and despite having a hearing impairment, he still show his team that he can work just as efficiently as them.

His manager has given him the task to test the new T.I.M software that the company has recently installed.

After a long day he and his wife are home. In the evening before bed Martyn tells his wife that he got to test a new piece of software called T.I.M and he liked how easy it was to record information about the season tickets sold as this made it easier to create reports that he can send to his manager.

Allison was interested about the cost of this new software. Martyn reassured her that his manager said the software is free for 3 months and if they didn't like the software then they did not have to buy .

Hearing this from Martyn pleasantly surprised her. Here is a company that has such a positive policy and Allison decides to do her own research, to see if there is a product that help her.


Alyssa is a  Rail Administrator for Flagship Rail

She has a boyfriend called Rick he is an animator he dosent work for the railway.

They have a son called Bobby

 Alyssa is Passionate about her work

Her manager says she has a positive work ethic and  always goes the extra mile when compleating a task.



 Sally  is the Revenue Protection Manager for flagship rail

Sallys Mum, Dad and Brother all work for flagship rail.

Her Dad Dave is a Revenue Protection Inspector.

Mum Wendy is a customer service agent in HQ

Brother Eric is an engineer in the depot.

Sally is san Excellent Team Manager

She has a democratic leadership style 

willing to learn and teach new skills to other team members.

She has been working for this company for four years. the company has just been awarded a new seven year franchise. Sally has worked her way up from ticket Inspector.  

 Sally is very pleased that her MD has informed her that if she can produce a good business case for a new system that she has heard about she will consider her proposal.  

Sally heard about RevenueShield from IQM software. She found this on social media after a fellow manager told her to take a look. 

Sally made enquiries with IQM about the system.  She was surprised when they told her what RevenueShield could do and how they will let her have a demo of the system free of charge for three months. Sally took up the offer of a demonstration and the three months free  trial.  

Then she produced a business case that clearly showed the benefits to the company. She was a bit nervous to be presenting her first business case to the MD and other Executives.  One of the things she worried about was the cost as she hadn't put a case into the executives before. She was pleased that once she put the case to the executive team and shown the benefits of RevenueShield and the potential for both making her department more efficient and professional but also increasing the revenue produced she recived a positive outcome from the meeting.  

Sally then had to get all of her supervisors together to show them about the new RevenueShield system. a guy from IQM came to their meeting and showed how the system worked for the RPIs. He then showed the administrators and prosecutions team how the back office part of the system worked. All of the staff were cautious about the new system and they had lots of questions.  One question that came from her prosercutions team regarded SJP they were impresed to learn that this is availible in RevenueShield.

The staff that had been trialling the system for the past three months said they were cautious at first but soon got used to it and they like the fact that they look more professional and don’t have to phone a help desk to check names and addresses.  

The new system soon showed its worth to sally and her MD was pleased that the system produced good results.  

Sally's dad is Inspector Dave and at home he kept sally informed of how the staff felt about using it and he said they like it as they don’t have to carry a lot of stuff around and the end of shift paperwork is done automatically by the system. 




 William Engineering Manager

Enjoys every moment of their job

Strives to succeed 

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Eric Engineer

High level of punctuality 

Works well both independently and in a team 

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Ray Engineering

Ray works on the maintenance for trains 

Ray is an excellent team player and always is willing to help others 

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