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FlagShip Rail a Company dedicated to discussing how we manage to perform so very well.

With the use of dedicated solutions, all of which have been designed & developed with the experience and knowledge of specialist clients & developers, our Company can grow and expand financially, in a controlled and monitored environment.

With a team of highly skilled developers & having over 25 years of experience in their very specialised fields, our developers really are the best we could find.

FlagShip Rail is registered at Companies House, Company Number 10665969.

Just in case you are still trying to work it out, FlagShip Rail is a fictitious Railway.  In as much we were born in the imagination of IQM Software.  But now we are a character driven Rail operation where we have staff and personnel.  Where we have a hierarchy and structure designed to ensure that in our world FlagShip Rail continues to grow and improve.

So, if you want to know anymore about FlagShip Rail, how we work, our staff, our structure or anything relating to our products or our developers at IQM Software please let us know.

You are welcome to post in our Forums or email us.  So don't hold back and come and talk to us.


Posted : 23/03/2017 9:29 pm
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Our Company as discussed above is ficticious.

However, it has been drawn to our attention that some of the characters starring in our web site have a very familiar image, personality or both to some real life people.

If this is indeed the case, this is purely co-incidental and in no way have we tried to base our characters on real people alive or not.

That said, if you actually know someone who either bears a close resemblance or who you think should be added to our character set please let us know.  Obviously we can't confirm that we would use these details, but we wouldn't deny it either.

Any contributions to this topic must be respectful to all other persons living or dead.

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Posted : 28/03/2017 2:42 pm

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