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What would be the average pric...


Railway Discussions...

Any topic here will refer to the rail industry or the interests of railways and individuals who have an involvement or attachment to the railways.

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Alstom conducts first test-run...


Motivational Quotes...

Do motivational quotes inspire you? Do they just make you think you should be trying harder? What is your favourite motivational quote, and why?

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Don't see failure as an end


Can you really multi task?

Women in particular say that women can multitask but man lack that skill. Do you have the skill to multitask? Who do you know that can multitask? Is it really possible to multitask?

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A great skill to develop

Sasha King

What is your 'Tell'...

Everyone it is said has a 'Tell'. A Tell is an involuntary action or unconscious behavior, that can betray information to an observant opponent. Do you know what your 'Tell' is or, do you know the 'Tell' of someone else? Do or would you use this information to gain an advantage?

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How would you describe 'a Tell...


If you were a ... What type would you be...

If you were a animal, what type of animal would you be... Or other type of similar questions

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If you could pick any role wit...

Sasha King

Mindfulness - What is it? Does it work?

Mindfulness is a method of focusing your mind. Do you practice it? Would you like to learn it? Do you think it would be of benefit? From where would you learn it?

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How do you perceive Mindfulnes...


Relax and Chill with what?

What value do you put on your glass of wine, spirit or beer? When you get home after work?

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What is your least favourite f...

Sasha King


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