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Area of Business

We have several areas within the rail business where we can be truly beneficial to your business.

We can offer products for the following Departments.  Each product has been designed in liaison with clients and with the specific department leaders to ensure that every product fits neatly within the framework to better effect tangible benefits.


Ticketing and Revenue Protection

Revenue  Protection is an essential area of business concern for all Train Operating Companies (TOC's).

With the potential loss of millions of pounds annually across TOC's, it is vital that companies ensure that they continue to be pro-active with fare evasion policy.

It is only fair to every fare paying customer that fares are collected from every travelling customer.  Failures in fare collections are, a considerable loss of revenue which, has a highly negative impact on fiscal streams for TOC's.  If all travellers paid the appropriate fare it would ensure that income from fares would assist with companies being able to better manage financial matters.

All TOC’s need to look at realistic alternatives to the current process many apply when it comes to chasing fares that should have been legitimately purchased at the beginning of the journey.


Engineering - Fault Finding & Rectifying

Engineering & Fault Finding solutions are an essential element of running a complete and fully functional fleet of train.

An application that facilitates any user to find the cause of a fault would be most welcome for any TOC. Especially, if that TOC is responsible for ensuring that the fault is rectified quickly and the remedy enables the unit to continue with its journey. Considering that many TOC's suffer the financial responsibility for disruptions and are therefore required to pay the penalty for delays by the minute.


Document & Compliance Auditing

Document and compliance auditing is an essential part of the communication structure in any company.

A system that gives managers full control of who can access specific documents and being able to  send documents to the correct people without it being disrupted by communication barriers is a big advantages for all companies.

Considering that if the communication paths of the documents are blocked, this can cause a negative flow on a company and their communication structure will start to fall apart.


Security & Protection

Security and protection is a vital area of business that should always be a primary focus because if not companies have potential threats of stolen data, information and even equipment on the premise.

Having a sole system that presents users with features such as monitoring the security placed at their premises and a help feature that provides recommendation of security solutions as well as how to implement those solutions would be essential for all companies.



Property & Contractual Relationships

A system that can store and create a portfolio of information related to a user's properties and contracts attached to them is very useful. Especially as it can be very demanding going through a vast amount of information and by having a system that can identify any actions related to the properties & contracts can  decrease the overall workload of the user.



IT Infrustructure & Software

Creating a solid IT infrastructure is key in all companies as it consists of all IT related assets and is an area that needs to be managed effectively, otherwise negatives will come into play such as outdated software or using the wrong software and even undertrained staff.


Reporting and KPI applications

Key performance indicator reporting is very important for TOC’s because KPI’s give them more understanding on what areas of their company are excelling and what areas they need to focus on improving. Therefore having software that can identify these KPI from incoming data would be immeasurable help for managers.